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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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At the age of 6 months

Vaccination against Hib infection Vaccination Act-HIB performed simultaneously with vaccination against whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus.Alternative scheme for the protection of the respiratory disease of children attending preschool and preparing to enroll in them.At the age of 6 months old - 6 months 7.18.Vaccination against pneumococcal immunizations were vaccine Pneumo-23 with 2 years.Herpesvirus infection Herpes simplex Herpes Simplex - infectious disease characterized by a variety of clinical manifestations, long asymptomatic course with periodic exacerbations, often accompanied by blisters on the skin, mucous membranes, as well as CNS, eyes and internal organs.Source of infection are sick people and video media light brown.

The lay out on his stomach

Repeat - times.The lay out on his stomach Put your baby on his stomach, his head raised, hands rest on the forearms, thighs separated the sides .This exercise refers to the active, based on protective and turnover under the additional reflex: in the first weeks of life the baby turns, and then lifts his head from the prone position.The lay out of the child on the stomach Try more lay the baby on his stomach (for example, before each feeding), because it's good exercise for the back muscles of the neck and back.

The timely

Cough bronchitis and cough expectorants require drugs that thin the thick mucus and increase its excretion from the bronchial tubes

Affects children

The source of infection is a sick person or carrier toxigenic Corynebacterium diphtheria.Routes of transmission: airborne, contact-household, food.Affects children and adults of all ages, but the highest sensitivity is typical for the age group of 3 to 7 years.Children first year of life rarely get sick due to the presence in them of transplacental immunity.Previous infection does not leave persistent immunity, so people who have had diphtheria, subject to further vaccination.The incubation period lasts from 2 to 10 days.Several distinct forms of the disease, depending on the place where the pathological process occurs: diphtheria, oropharynx, larynx, nose, eyes, genitals, skin, newborns - the umbilical wound.

Consists of 1-1. 5 kg of raw fruits

New dishes better

Habitual food eaten for some time before the event, will absorb stomach acid and help calm the stomach.If rebeno to experiencing so much before contests that are not able to eat, then the previous day he had to eat a little more than usual, Cool water or your favorite sports drink will come smiling just right even for those who have the stomach "churning" of nervous stress.Planning cooking that a child will eat before sports competitions, try to consider what he likes and dislikes.New dishes better to give the child during the period of friction rovok than the day of the competition.TIPS FOR CHILDREN INVOLVED in sports 2 hours before the start of the sports games or contests feed a child a small amount of food rich in carbohydrates and low fat content.


Summer is also very useful to walk barefoot in the sand, gravel, grass, giving feet and fingers freedom of movement.In case of significant deformations feet treatment is applied orthopedics Dicescu tires packings corrective surgical treatment.Therapeutic gymnastics and massage Stability and normal functioning of the knee and golenos stamp your joints depends on the state of the surrounding muscles.With the help of massage and specially selected exercises strengthen weakened ITATION and stretched muscles relax too strenuous.

If you touch a toy, comfortable

If you touch a toy, comfortable to grip, grab the baby toy.Foot Massage Stroking (see II complex number ).Foot massage (see P complex number ) Reflex exercises to stop (see I complex number ).Reflex supports and leg extensions (see P complex number ) Reflex "walking" (see P complex number ).Abdominal massage: - circular (clockwise) stroking (see P complex number ); - "Counter" stroking: the left hand side at the back is routed from the bottom up and top down the right hand; - stroking obliques.Palm of an adult LOCATION AND us on the back-side surfaces of the chest, covering the movement tions they head toward each other, from top to bottom and front; - acupressure (stimulating method) of direct and oblique abdominal muscles ( , ).

On the "one" - the fingers

Therefore, the work turns out to finger Vaeth stimulating effect on the speech center and promotes intellectual development of the child.You want your kid poby Streit said? Then taught him the finger exercises every day."Hands on the table" A child sitting at the table.Hands on the table, palms down.On the "one" - the fingers apart, "Two" - together."Fingers hello" Toddler sitting holding hands in front of him.At "one" connected both thumbs, "two" - demonstrative, "three" - average, "four" - nameless, "five" - the little fingers."Little Man" A child sitting at the table, depicts the "little people." First pointer tion and middle fingers of the right hand "run" on the table, and then - left."Children are running a race" Motion described in the previous exercise, both hands performed nyayut simultaneously."The Goat" Kid shows "goat", pulling the index finger and little finger of one, then the other arm.

Place the braid

Fun in the kitchen: breadOne of the great advantages of modern life - is baking bread in the bakery or home oven

Quantity: half

GUIDE FOR NURSING MOTHERS IN PLANNING ANIYU DIET FOR EVERY DAY Whole grains, breads, cereals: 8 or more meals Always try to consume whole grains.Legumes, nuts, seeds and vegetable milk: 6 or more meals Choose foods rich in calcium: fortified soy milk, then Fu and beans.Quantity: half cup of cooked beans, tofu tofu 100 grams, 80 grams of soy meat, 2 tablespoons of nuts, seeds and oils from nuts or seeds, 1 cup enriched soy milk or other milk plant Vegetables: 5 or more administrations food Every day try to eat at least one dark green vegetable.Vegetables are rich in calcium: broccoli, kale sprouts and mustard, and bok choy.Quantity: one-half cup of cooked vegetables or 1 cup raw vegetables Fruits: 4 or more meals Choose fresh fruits and juices, fortified with calcium.

Advisable to appoint

Administration of vaccines to children with atopy may cause transient enhancement of allergic reactions, does not pose a threat and can be easily removed protivogistaminnymi drugs.True eczema OPV administered at the usual time, other vaccines - during remission in acute lesions liquidation, soak and skin infection.Advisable to appoint these children antihistamines for 3 days prior to vaccination and continue her 5-7 days after it.Bronchial asthma Vaccinations are carried out in the period of remission on the background of basic therapy (ketotifen kromglikat or inhaled steroids) and required the child to sostoyaniiyu L-ganglionic and (or) theophylline short-or long-acting.Diseases of the cardiovascular system and connective tissue Vaccination of children with congenital heart disease performed when the minimum degree of hemodynamic disturbances.

Anuria may occur

Oliguria (reduced urine output) (less than 500 ml) and the complete absence of urine - anuria, may occur as a result of disease of the kidneys themselves (acute nephritis, kidney sublimate) and with dehydration, blockage of the ureter with a stone or a tumor with poor circulation and result of reflex spasm.Anuria may occur due to blockage of the renal tubules, renal pelvis and ureter salts sulfa drugs if treatment with these drugs was not accompanied by ample (alkaline) drink.In normal voiding occurs on average 5-6 times a day in portions urinary bladder capacity corresponding - 200-300 ml.Pollakiuria (frequent urination) is often a companion of polyuria, in this case, frequent urge due to the rapid filling of the bladder.Pollakiuria coupled with painful and difficult urination - dysuria - is cystitis or stones and sand in the bladder, which causes reflex irritation.Color incontinence depends on its concentration and the presence in it of various contaminants.

" Accustomed To CHILD

Children who regularly eat sweets, replace these useful products "Empty" calories.Furthermore, too frequent use pastry products can lead to the appearance eniyu caries.The human body they are absolutely not needed.They so Kids who are not exposed someone's influence, preference helpful "sweets." Accustomed To CHILD NUTRITION If possible, try to eat a child with his family.It is not always easy implement, especially if the EU you have an active and vociferous kid.And yet, if parents show an example to the kid that eating healthy products of the "Four new food groups," that for a child they do a great benefit, as it IF YOUR FAMILY DOES NOT RECOGNIZE NUTRITION Some are may seem unusual.

But next

Then put the pizza in the oven and read your favorite story until tender

Child widely

Adult supported alive baby hands behind his back, holding him close.Child widely spaced legs "hugs" the torso adult ( , ).Not recommended position of the child "top" on the side of an adult, as this position torso child asymmetrically.You can use a backpack (with a stiff back), but it should be borne in mind that daily long carrying a baby in a polo zhenii undesirable as it may lead to the usual vicious Nome stop position.In the situation of the child lying on his stomach foot it should be out of the mattress (hang).

However, frying

If you do not consume the required rate of vitamin Bn in foods and vitamin supplements then your baby may need to take further this vitamin.Of course, it would be better to include in your diet foods rich in vitamin B 1 2 so that you and your baby have been fully provided for this important health vitamin.Typically, babies, feeding breast milk is not required to consume water, as there is in milk necessary for the child fluid.However, frying th weather or if the child has a fever, receiving additional liquid will only benefit the baby, and he was willing to take a bottle water.breast milk, so d etey such milk can not feed.

Conniption After

Frankly, it can be very difficult - not to be knocked out of the rut and do not lose your balance after such rude remarks, but it is important that you respond to them

At the first

The child complains of palpitations, shortness of breath.For basedowian characteristic ocular symptoms extension of the optic fissure, glitter eye exophthalmia.Mandatory symptom is enlargement of the thyroid gland, which does not determine the severity of the disease.Complication of diffuse toxic goiter is thyrotoxic crisis.When Stroke marked a sharp mental stimulation patients, increased body temperature to 39-41 ° C, increased heart rate of 150-200 beats / min., The development of atrial fibrillation, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.Progression of thyrotoxic crisis may lead to loss of consciousness, the development of acute cardiovascular failure.At the first signs used thyrotoxic crisis corticosteroids, drugs iodine, cardiac glycosides.Diagnostics Diagnosis is confirmed by an increase in blood thyroid hormone.Treatment Protective regime.A diet rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals food.

Due to its inherent

Yuri no way seeks to evoke the female location

Therefore appropriate

By now ready diapers produced from synthetic mother ­ als, have already gained the trust of many mothers, however, do not use these items around the clock care

Head circumference

Head circumference at birth an average of 34-36 cm In the future it is growing quite rapidly in the first months of life.Head circumference of children 1 year of age is calculated by the formula: circumference of the head of 6-month-old baby is 43 cm on each missing month from 43 subtracted 1.5 cm for each subsequent month added 0.5 cm For children 2-15 years: head circumference 5 year old child is equal to 50 cm, each missing year of 50 cm should subtract 1 cm for each subsequent add 0.6 cm Changes in chest circumference Chest circumference measurement is necessary for the analysis of the transverse dimensions of the body.Bosom reflects the degree of development of the chest, her muscular system and the subcutaneous fat layer.It also gives an indication of the functional performance of the respiratory system.

If the attempt

When something gets in the eyes (a grain of sand, the bug), there is tearing and stinging

Acupressure is performed

Treatment position - this actions promoting correct position of the head, neck, body, arms and legs.It is carried out different arrangements of E and exercises.In gymnastics include exercises based on Bezus Lovna reflexes, some active exercises and exercises with help of an adult, ie, passive exercise.Classical massage is performed by the following methods - stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibration, light percussion techniques.Parents need to learn different techniques of massage, as this procedure is best done at home itself.Acupressure is performed while pushing tion and rotation one or two fingers on certain refleksogen processing zones of the body and is used as a child with weakened stretched thinking Zach, or elevated muscle tone with the aim to relax the muscles.In this fast and jerky relatively strong pressing cause excitation and muscle tension-stimulating method.Honey ­ lennye soft impact on the same area, at first gradually increasing appropriate increase in pressure, vibration, and stop further weakening tion exposure (without departing from the area), is the weakening of muscle tension in specific muscle groups - the brake method.

Demonstrates the use of symptomatic

Immunity Subject to the terms of vaccination indicated the formation of a stable almost lifelong immunity.Vaccines are easily deactivated by contact with an alcohol, ether, etc., so they can not prevent contact Vaccination reactions and complications Due to the fact that measles used live measles vaccine, 10-15% of vaccinated children from 6 to 15 days may cause the total vaccine reactions, which is characterized by the appearance of low grade (37,2-37,5 ° C) temperature slight deterioration momentary appearance of maculopapular rash.Demonstrates the use of symptomatic therapy: when the temperature rises reception antipyretic (paracetamol) in the presence of itching, antihistamines (tavegil, suprastin, diazolin) in age doses.Allergic reactions (allergic rash, urticaria, angioedema, lymphadenopathy syndrome hemorrhagic vasculitis) associated with exposure to a number of vaccine components, so it is important to gather before inoculation allergic history of the child.

Harder the awkward

Sociability and positive attitude tional child to other children depends in part on this.harder the awkward child coordinate their movements with the movements of his comrades, he becomes a nuisance and an unwanted partner in games.So, in the gym, unlike other types of motor Activity of the five children should be attributed to the accuracy and correctness of movements: in infancy - the hands of parents, older - special devices (gymnastic equipment, sports equipment, ele ments home environment).To Gymnastics delivered joy to children, you must comply with the following conditions: first, the exercise should be available, ie, meet certain age and functional possibilities of the child completely, and secondly, a technique that encourages children to satisfying NIJ exercises should also be age appropriate.

A newborn

Usually, after a course of antibiotics doctors prescribe baby vitamin therapy (vita mines C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B15), mustard and hot wraps, 2 times a day and fiziote rapiyu (microwave and electrophoresis)

Foreign objects

The first attack - the consequences of the disease - high temperature or infection

Of course, a bag or a cup of juice

Learn to use the potty: diarrheaAt the time, when you are ready to run back and forth, teaching your child how to use the potty, you may find yourself in opposition to the nasty phenomenon of "liquid" chair.These copious, watery, mucous intestinal bowel movement - the result of the exclusive supply fruit juices


Repeat this technique - It is desirable that the baby's skin turned pink.Finish the massage hands need - strokes.Crossing arms over his chest I.item: baby lying on his back.Insert the thumbs of their hands in the palm of a child, the rest - hold it lightly brush.Your arms baby in hand, you can do it with easy vstrya shaker, then lead them towards each other to cross over on the chest and back ( , ).Annular rubbing hands Crossing arms.I point Crossing arms.T time At crossings, the top should go then right, then the left- hand turns.Movements slow pace, avoid jerks.

Homogeneous sauce: Cut the apples

6 large sour apples 1 cup apple juice h.tablespoons cinnamon Sauce with slices of apples: Peel apples peeled, remove core, cut into cubes and place on a large frying pan.Add to them the apple juice, cover the pan with a lid and fry over low heat, stirring Frequently hours, until apples soften.Can barely stretch them with a fork (not completely) and mix with cinnamon.Homogeneous sauce: Cut the apples into pieces, remove the core and then chop them in a blender.Pour this mixture into the pan, add the apple juice and cinnamon, cover and cook over low heat for about 15 minutes, stirring frequently.

Recommend a specific

considered once daily fountain and after each feeding of a more or less duration, 3-4 tablespoons (volume determined by the size of wet spots).However, remember that the regurgitation is normal if a child on his background often sends defecate and gaining weight well

Endocrine function

Endocrine function is performed islets containing secretory cells producing hormones: P k l e t k and n r o d u c and p y w t and n with n and y n to o t o p s th a n o b o a s t a y e t u r and l and z and y and z and w to about l s s in t to a n i x, y with and L and in a e t s and n t e r b e l to about a, w and p of a , and y to n e and n o a s x k and with l on t; a-k l o te s and p a b a s t a t u r a l w a r a o n to p o t o s y s t y l and m and p y e t p and with p and q and r l o g e n a in n e h e n, a s s s a a n i o s in w e n and e y p o in n i g u l a r o s in to p on in and ; D - to l e t k and s in d e l i t w a o m a t o with t and t and n, n o d a l in I w u and d to e to p e n and w of a n o to n s x g of p m o n of in pituitary (somatotropin and corticotropin, thyroid, etc.

If after diapering

Feature of a healthy child is responding to his stormy cold, he yells and moves

Reflex walking

Practice shows that the reflex "walking" - the most favorite pack razhnenie, pleasurable for both children and adults."Walk" more often! Your child is tired - put it on your back and do lay down some shaking handles Grab a brush child as well as for massage, and very easy to shake both hands, gently spreading them apart.Reflex walking toward you If the child resists (due to increased muscle tone- flexor), then he is not ready for this exercise.In this case , repeat tea stroking hands.

One portion

Does not contain sodium.One portion - at least 5 milligrams of sodium chloride and in one portion.With low sodium content.contains 140 milligrams of sodium (or less) in in one portion.Loading KITCHEN PRODUCTS MAJOR PRODUCTS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES onion baby carrots shoots aft garlic celery cabbage potatoes A mixture of apples cabbage chopped vegetables oranges cabbage broccoli bananas CEREALS AND CEREAL product itself brown rice potato flour pasta (without eggs) bulgur rice flour cuscus flour from whole barley flour polenta wheat hot cereals corn finished breakfast Hercules cereals (without fat and sugar) flakes of black beans Preserved tomatoes, ketchup, tomato paste vegetables (corn, beets, braised sweet peppers) Dry beans, lentils and peas speckled beans (pinto) black beans lentils chickpeas Vated KONSER PRODUCTS canned beans (Mottled, black, chickpeas, beans) beans as part of some dishes (vegetarian "Chili", baked beans) flakes spotted beans vegetarian soups vegetarian pasta sauce sauce "salsa" PRODUCTS, easy-PREPARATION vegetarian soups vegetarian soft then fu SPICES AND FILLING FOR FOOD Fast Food burgers maple syrup sugar "raw" baking soda lemon juice (Or juice etc.


Raising the head and shoulders of the prone position.Torso at fixed lap from the original standing position.Exercises to stop.Approximate occupation to child in age from year to year months I.supine.Diversion hand to hand and crossing them over his chest."Moving Steps".Flexion and extension arms alternately ("box").Transition in a sitting position - knees locked.I.sitting.Turns right and left the toy.Raising hands above the head ("Get the toy") and in return.Transition in the prone position.

But the residual

head, which does not grow long fontanelle, its shape becomes quadrangular, clearly distinguished frontal bumps

C o to and z and n o d e in a n e r o m p o n o m a n u t p r e p a r a t o in t and k and x, k and by d and e r about

C o to and z and n o d e in a n e r o m p o n o m a n u t p r e p a r a t o in t and k and x, k and by d and e r about to o rt and s o n n e r a n s and n o l o and Dr..Example n e r n a t h e and o m n o m and n w e n and p and t e r A L n o r o d and l e n i s m in o F o n o d e in a n e d e a n e a and b and l and s and p y w u and x p r e p a r a t o in ( m and f r and l ) .P p and in about z n and n about in e and n and b p o n x oo b s t r y to t and n o d o s and n d p o m a - e u f and l l and 2.4% n 1 m l / d of d and f s n and n o n e b o l e f 8.0 m l.C and m p t o m a t h and e i s a i t e r a n and I (x and p on n on n and w and w and u e p r o t and in about a y d o p o w n e s and d p.).CNS complications afebrile convulsions with loss of consciousness.Clinical manifestations: can be observed as typical seizures with loss of consciousness, and in the form of "nods", "nod" absences, stopping sight.

Finger games One, two, three, four, five

The latter method can also be performed in a circle fingertips zigzag base of the palm.During finger games much attention is paid to massage the fingers themselves.At This applies several types of grinding: circular fingertips circular edge of his hand, spiraling base of the palm, and the zigzag rectilinear "tongs".Besides all these massage techniques during games actively used and shaking fingers stroking.Finger games One, two, three, four, five - Went out into the garden walk.Go-we walk through the meadow, There's flowers grow in a circle.Exactly five petals, You can take and count.

Tablespoons apple

tablespoons apple juice 1 h.teaspoon dried basil 1 h.teaspoon dried oregano 1 g h.tablespoons fennel seeds X Y h.tablespoons black pepper For larvae on: X 1g cup parsley, chopped 1g h.tablespoons dried oregano 1 clove garlic 500 g of tofu 1 h.teaspoon dried basil X 1g h.tablespoons dried thyme X 1g h.spoon nutmeg 1g h.spoons of salt X Y h.spoon black pepper 8-10 raw test plates -146 - To prepare the sauce boil in a wide pan 1g glass of water, put back the onion, garlic and cook for about 5 minutes.Then put the mushrooms and parsley, reduce heat, cover cas tryulyu lid and cook for about 5 minutes, until the mushrooms are soft.

The mechanism

These microorganisms are classified into: 1) enteropathogenic; 2) enterotoxigenic; 3) enteroinvasive.Enteropathogenic strains (Escherichia coli) are special types of pathogens Coliform, causing the diarrhea in young children.Enterotoksigennnye pathogen strains produce toxins promotional choleriform esherihozov.Enteroinvasive E.coli able to destroy the intestinal epithelium, which causes dysentery-like disease.Source of infection are sick and bacillicarriers that secrete the pathogen in the stool and vomit.The mechanism of transmission of the disease by the fecal-oral.Pathways of infection are contact-household, less food and water.

Should not forget

Its feature is the sudden appearance.Often induce vomiting in acute and chronic gastritis, gastroduodenitah, peptic ulcer disease, intestinal infections and nutritional diseases precedes nausea that distinguishes it from vomiting caused by direct stimulation of the vomiting center (when they marked vomiting without causing nausea).Kind of vomiting in infants are regurgitation, which come without effort.Should not forget that regurgitation can also serve as a sign of the beginning of an intestinal infection.But very often regurgitation observed in healthy children.A more detailed study avoids "short" esophagus, stomach cardiochalasia.Children with the wrong education and feeding technique (forced feeding) can form a familiar vomiting that occurs almost every child feeding, which may arise from one type of food or smell.Children with intellectual disabilities often observed "rumination" - chewing gum, which is characterized by the fact that when regurgitation into the mouth vomit again they swallowed a child who is not experiencing visual discomfort.

To get an idea

With the rapid stretching of the artery wall and the same rapid decline to talk about perception, or rather, the pulse (not to be confused with frequent pulse), which is observed, for example, when one of the defects of the heart - the aortic valve insufficiency.With a slow rise and slow decline of the pulse wave appears slow pulse.To get an idea about the state of the arterial wall during the study pulse, you must close the artery, squeezing her hand first finger exploring, and the second and third fingers, no longer feel the pulsation artery probe, trying to get an idea about the elasticity or density of its walls.In the study of the pulse on the carotid arteries should investigate it alternately with each side without a strong pressure on the artery.

Rotation stop. First


Vaccination of contacts In contact with sick ZHKV introduced in the first 3 days from the moment of contact, people without a history of measles and unvaccinated children older than 12 months, adolescents and adults.Children from 6 to 12 months shows the introduction of 1-2 doses of normal human immunoglobulin no later than 4 days from the moment of contact.Measures in the hearth Vochage wet cleaning and airing.Children not previously bolevshie measles and unvaccinated, uncoupling by 17 days after isolation of the patient when administered immunoglobulin for 21 days.During this period, the temperature measurement is carried out daily, morning and evening, inspection of the skin and mucous membranes of the mouth and eyes.

Baby bath can be put on the table

Bathing in bathBefore you start bathing make sure that all needed was at hand

Win a light

On ­ davlivaniem at the base of the fingers and rubbing the outside edge of the foot reflex call flexion and extension stop.Win a light tapping massage the soles of the child.Podtantsovyvanie I.Keep the child under the arms in vertical position NII face (or back) to him.This exercise is a more recent variant of reflex "walk." Stepping reflex usually fades to months of age, but nevertheless with the support feet on a hard surface kid "melts a bit tsovyvaet "in place .Make sure that the child is not getting on tiptoe upbringing White correct reference reaction.

Some soon

child is allowed to drink all the available milk will feel full and satisfied.Children who are on feeding tubes and those children who are fed breast milk quickly and in a hurry, can become nervous and start sucking their ulachki to or blanket.You can carefully observe your child during feeding.Some soon turn away from the breast, while others require a long and comfortable feeding.Well nourished nursing infants In During the first 4-6 months of life, infants will receive the necessary nutrients from breast milk, as well as regularly spending some time on the sun.

Per serving: 154 calories, 6 g protein, 15 g hydrocarbon

From the remnants of this dish can make a delicious sandwich: cold casserole put on a piece of whole wheat bread, add lettuce, tomato slices and vegan mayonnaise.Per serving: 154 calories, 6 g protein, 15 g hydrocarbon rows, 8 g fat, 2 g fiber, 572 mg sodium, calories protein - 16% carbohydrate calories - 37% fat calories - 48% PAP "polenta" with tofu and chilli (4 servings) Used as a garnish to uromu rice.2 cup cooked cereal "polenta" (corn) 1 h.teaspoon garlic granules or powder 1 bell pepper, diced 1 tbsp.tablespoon soy sauce 1 can of tomato sauce (400 g) 1 tbsp.spoonful of sugar or others.sweetener 2-3 h.tablespoons chili pepper 1 onion, chopped 2 Art.tablespoons of apple cider vinegar 500 g firm tofu, mashed 1 h.tablespoon grainy mustard 1 tbsp.


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